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1,3-Butadiene is a simple conjugated diene with the formula C4H6. It is an important industrial chemical used as a monomer in the production of synthetic rubber. When the word butadiene is used, most of the time it refers to 1,3-butadiene.

The name butadiene can also refer to the isomer, 1,2-butadiene, which is a cumulated diene. However, this allene is difficult to prepare and has no industrial significance. This diene is also not expected to act as a diene in a Diels-Alder reaction due to its structure. To effect a Diels-Alder reaction only a conjugated diene will suffice.


Molecular formula C4H6
Molar mass 54.0916
Appearance Colourless gas
or refrigerated liquid
Density 0.64 g/cm3 at -6 °C, liquid
Melting point

-108.9 °C, 164.3 K, -164.0 °F

Boiling point

-4.4 °C, 269 K, 24 °F

Solubility in water 735 ppm
Viscosity 0.25 cP at 0 °C


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